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Ardeche photoevent

The information will be updated soon

3 days and 4 nights of unforgatable holidays combined with a photo experience in wild Gorges de l´Ardeche, an ancient natural area

During this photo event we will visit and shoot delightful mountain landcapes, rivers, rocks, medieval villages, castles and of course beautiful models

General information

We invite you to spend 3 days and 4 nights in one of the most beautiful villages of France name Vogue. Accomodation and food is include  to make you relax and enjoy nature and photography. In this photo event will participate 3 different models from France  and only 6 photogrphers. You can join us even if you are an amteur, if you need we will help you and guide you during the shooting.

About participation fee you can reed here


Our shootings will take place in Gorges de l'Ardeche, mostly in Vogue village, also at Roches Colombes, Vallon Pont D´arc and at the naturist beach des Templiers.

Here you can see more photos of the locations and some works from previous shootings





art model, dancer and gymnast

organizer of this event



French art model

and professional



professional art model from Ardeche


We will have toatally 3 days of photoshoots in the morning and in the evning (about 4-5 hours per day) Day time will be your free time to travel, make canoe, swim, relax and enjoy the nature

  • Day 0 - arrival and check in

  • Day 1 morning Shooting on the top of the rock in Vogue  with a picturesque view of the river, a medieval village with an old castle. We will split into 3 goups 2 persons in each and 1 model per group. Duration of the photoshoot is around 2 hours

                  evening Photo canoe trip. We will split into 3 groups to make a beautiful canoe trip in                 Gorges de l'Ardeche for 3 hours. Camera and all the equipement can be hiden in safety boxes.       

       Each time during the rip we will make stops at the beautiful locations to take pictures.

  • Day 2 morning Shooting in the abandoned village of Roches colombes, We will  split again into  3 goups 2 persons in each and 1 model per group. Duration of the photoshoot around 2 hours

                  evening Shooting at the secret location in Vogue with beautil rocks and a river.

       At this place we will shoot around 3 hours, 2 hour of shooting will be bz groups and the 3d hour will be all together

  • Day 3 morning Shooting at fond vive in Grospierre or at the waterfall 3 groups, 2 persons per group

                  evening Shooting at the nudist beach les Templiers

       At this place we aill shoot total 3 hours. 2 hour of shooting will be per group and the 3d hour willl  

      all together

The program can be slightly midified depending on the weather

  • Day 4 Check out

Accomodation and meal

As accomodation we will provide a big house  with separate rooms, kitchen and swimming pool or  separate little houses with a restaurant.

Click here to see a possible location

(To book this house we need to have a deposit and inforamtion from all the paticipants)

You will have a meal 3 times per day.

At the momemnt we are working on organisation and booking,

more information and photos will appear soon

How to get

You can get to Vogue 3 different ways

  •  by your car

  • by train to Montelimar, we will pick you up at the station

  • by airplane to Lyon and train to Montelimar and we will provide you a transfer to Vogue

Participation fee and payment

  • The participation fee for all the program, including accomodation, transfer and meal (3 times per day) is 1390 euros per person

  • If you come with your friend photographer as a duo you can have a discount, toatally it will be 1290 per person.

  • If you confirm your participation before 1 February you can have 10% discount

Please for booking a place for you send a half or full payment as a deposit.

You can do it by Pay Pal or bank transfer.

For more details please contact

Please be aware that a number of paticipants is limited only 6 persons for event

To book a place for this photo event please use this form,

after booking you have 3 days to confirm your participation with a deposit

Participation form

Information has been sent. Thank you!

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