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Hight 170 cm

Weight 49 kg

Parameters 85/63/90

Country: France, Ukraine

Styles: fitness, fine art, dance, acrobatic, yoga, art nude, sport, fashion, lingerie, boudoir, glamour, portraits etc.

Amarutta is international dancer, acrobat and art model. She was born in Ukraine and started her model carrier in Kiev, Ukraine in 2008, when she was 18. As she had already some acrobatic and dance background she begun with fitness photography. Since this time she has been working as model, dancer and circus artist in different countires: Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Dominican Respublic, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Thailand, India, Mexico etc.

Her pictures where presented in different exhibitions in Ukraine (Dani Olivier exhibition, Pinchuk art Centre), in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France (Louvre) and took first places in different international photo contests  such as SPC photo award in Zurich etc.

Photos of Amarutta where also published on the cover of the books, such as Anthology of Nude Photography by D. Oivier and in the magazines such as Vogue Italia, online magazines Nudamag, Imagine magazine, 6T9 Mag and others

More you can read in  interview for MM 


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