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Book a  photo session

BBook a photo se


Book a photo session

Are you a photographer and you would like to have a photoshoot with me for upgrading your portfolio or for comertial purposes?
I will be happy to work with you. I have a huge experiense of working with all levels photographers from amateur to profi and I alway accept new oportunities and creative ideas.
It can be a photoshoot in the studio, outside, in appartaments, theatre, hotel etc. More about conditions and rates you can read here
Please contact me and I will add you to my travel plannings

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Book a photo workshop

Are you a studio owner or photo events orginizer and you are looking for a photomodel?

I always like to participate in photo events.  I  have an experience with different kind of photo workshops from 2 to 50 photographers per event.

I also have a special offer for cooperation

Please contact me  and desribe all the workshop details: date, location, conditions

Book a remote photosession

Are you a photographer and you would like to shoot with me but we live to far from each other or there is no opporunity for travel to your place for the moment?
Remote photoshoot can be a solution.

This is  a new option of making photos in a distance. Please read more about it here

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