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    About remote shootings


Remote shootings is a new way to take photos on a big distance all around the world.

I discovered this way during fisrt covid lockdown and I am very happy to find it, because this way we still can continue to create photography art, even without leaving our houses. You even don´t need to take a car, to rent a photo studio and to buy props. I have my  home studio with all the setup and different accessoris + acess to the amazing outdoor locations.

If it's your first your first time, I would say that remote shooting can remind you a virtual game where you enter to the model's location to take pictures,  just with that difference that after you will recieve  real high quality photos.

It can be a great solution if you would like to have a photoshoot with me, but there is still a lockdown in our countries , if there is no posibility to travel or if we live to far from each other.

To book a remote photoshoot contact me
on instagram or by email
Before booking, please be sure to get acquainted about the rates and conditions 

      How doest it work

It's not that difficult as it looks like.

From my side :

I fix my camera on a tripod and connect it with a high speed usb cable to my pc , using the ptogram EOS Utility 2 . It will allow to control the camera through my pc. The main menu looks like this


After I will share the acces to it with you through the aplication Team Viewer. 

From your side, you just need 2 things: 

1. PC, Macbook or tablet with good internet connection

2.To install on your pc a simple aplication name Team Viewer.

You can download it here:

Before the session I will give you my Id and password and you type it in your window, as in the picture above, after that you will be able to see my screen and make all adjustments on my camera

All the pictures will be saved on my PC, after the session I will send you it to you in RAW format 

During a phtoshoot we can communicate with whatsapp or instagram call

If it's your first time, don't worry, I will guide you and explain you all the details


   Location and set up


You can book an inside or outside location

I orginise almost all my remote photoshots at my home studio.

I can propose this kind of setups:

1. White wall

2. Black or gray background

3. Big Window

4. Black Sofa corner with natural lighting

5. Stone wall

6. Outside medieval garden with aerial silks (trapeze or rope for your choise) . It's avaialable only summer time

7.  Big mirrors 

8. Bedroom with a large bed

6. It's possible also to orginise outside shootings with a scenic landscape at the beautiful mountain river and on the rocks close to my house in Ardeche. Notice please that this option is avaialble only summer time. This kind of remote photoshoots requiers a lot of job and organisation. The rate will be different see below in Conditions

7. For special requiers the location can be changed

My  technical equipment

1. Canon camera EOS R  + EF 24-70 f2.8 II USM

2. 2 different tripods for camera

3. Studio lights  2 Softbox kit, 1 spotlight, 2 led lights

with colour filters for portraits and close ups

4. Different reflectors: silver, golden, white

5. Bacground for your choice:


Even in remote photoshoot a lot of things depends

of the photographer, because it's you who set up

all the adjastment on the camera through your pc, it's you, who choose the angle of the camera and you, who choose how to adjust the lighting and correct my poses. Of course remote photo session is not the same than in reality, it's more challenging but that's why it's much more interesting. 


Scroll to choose a background

A little exploration of the outside location for remote shootings

Ideas for the  photoshoot

If you are looking for an idea for the remote photoshoot, you can pick it up  from examples of my previous works (check below)

I can propose you also some possible thematics ( what I would like to try):

  • 1001 night (Arabic carpet, oriental outfit and decorations)

  • Amazon. Woman warrior with special outfit, sword or fire sword (for outside)

  • Fairytale ( flowers, elfen years, special decorations, csn be outside)

  • Circus ( acrobatic poses, balancing, circus outfit, can be clown make up)

  • Ballerina (ballet point shoes, balled dress, fabrics)

  • Magic lights ( light drawing with fiber optic lights)

  • Reflection (photoshot with reflective materials and mirrors)

  • Burlesque cabaret style (with a special sexy burlesque outfit)

  • Steam punk in the french medieval village

  • Antique goddes (with beautiful crown, fabrics, accessories)

  • Body landscapes with different colourfull lights and little figures, flowersor butterflies on my body

  • Bodzscapes with oil and water

  • Abstract Colourful projections (with a video projector)

  • Body art ( I can apply different body paints on my body)

  • Fashion for your choice (New fashion, Retro 90´s, bohemian etc)


Light drawing
Classical art nude
Lights and shadows
At the window
Fantasy, oriental, bohemian
Yoga and acrobatic
Outdoor (Ardeche)
Outdoor (backyard)
Natural light
Body scapes
Candle lights
Play with fabrics and acessories
Vintage Circus
Colour lighting
     Bodouir &  lingeries
Gymnastic (Photostudio)
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Rates* and conditions

  • You can book a remote photoshoot only for 1-4 hours.

  • The rate*  for  fashion, lingerie, glamour, yoga, acrobatic and dance styles (non nude) is 65 euros/hour. The rate for art nude (including dance and acrobatic nude) is 75 euros per hour. For outside photoshoot in the nature (mountains, river, french medeival village) the rate will be 85-100 euros , because it requiers a lot of organisation 

  • It's possible also to have an assistant to help to adjust the camera and lights (15 euros/hour )

  • For special requests I can also rent a studio or appartments on rbnb .

  • The paiment can be by Paypal, or bank transfer.  Please send at least 50%  deposeit to book the time for you (send please as to a friend to not loose some euros). In case of an unforeseen cancellation of the photo session by the photographer at least a day before the photo session, the deposit is refunded in full, if the cancellation is less than a day before the shooting the deposit is not refundable. In case of unexpected cancellation by the model, the deposit will be fully refunded.

  • After the shooting I upload files by Google Drive or Wetransfer.
  • The photographer will receive the rights for the images, including also the rights for commertial use. Photographer can send me his model release to sign
  • To book a remote shooting please contact me by instagram @amarutta_artmodel_ . You can write me also by email 

Your new creative ideas for the remote shootings

are always welcome

*The rate includes my modeling and assistance services, utilisation of my home studio, all the equipement and accessoties 


January 25-30, February 15-18, March 11-30, April 1 - 18

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