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Rates for the photo session

                     Per hour:

- Fashion, portraits - 50 euros

- Lingerie - 60 euros

- Acrobatics, contortions and dance (with closes)  - 60euros 
- Acrobatics with ingerie - 70 euros

- Glamour nude - 80 euros 
- Art nude - 80 euros

- Contortions, dance and acrobatic art  nude - 90 euros

Half day art nude and contortions(4 hours)  - 320 euros

All day art nude and contortions (8 hours)   -610 euros

Half day mixed styles (4 hours) - 280 euros

All day mixed styles (8 hours) - 490 euros

3 days  mixed styles (6-8 hours per day) -1200 euros + travel costs

                            Additional information

* For shared shootings with 2  photografers per session  the rate will be +20  % of the norml price per hour (for example instead of  80 euros for 1 hour it will be 96 per hour in total)

* The rate for worksops with more than 2 photographers  will be + 50 % of the normal price. For more information about workshops please contact me by email

* If photographer provides the host we can make an agreement of 1 hour mixed styles photo session for free

* You can get  also 10% discount if we will share the rights of at least 20 best pictures from the session

* For the remorte shootings the rate will be - 20 %  of the normal price. (For the details please contact me by email )


                                Please notice also:

- I don't accept erotic (met art style) and pornographic photo sessions
- The payment can be by cash or PayPal
- For all day shootings,  please provide the meal (vegeterian) and drinks 




         If you have any other question please contact me by email                                                   

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